Victorieux imports "viticulture durable en Champagne" (sustainably grown champagne) direct from the cellars in France. To cultivate vineyards, grower-producers farm their own grapes and produce their champagne independently. They strategically fertilize with organic-origin measures in symbiosis with nature.  They never use insecticides. The farmers lay bark from adjacent forests, allow natural vegetation between vines and spend tireless hours hands-on in their vineyards.

We import only grower champagne. We support:

• The conservation of terroir, bio-diversity and landscapes 

• The accountable management of water, by-products and waste 

• Confronting the energy/climate challenge


Victorieux similarly supports social sustainability by fostering the integrity of our community and charity. In the United States, we support Full Plates Full Potential's Feed KIDS Initiative with frequent donations $1/bottle sold. In France, we support grower-producer families to continue their passion of expressing the terroir of Champagne, France.