Why Champagne?

Because it's in my blood. 

Message from Importer and Owner, Thomas M. Brems

Champagne is a part of who I am. 

It is my passion and métier, with niche focus on growers from the Côte de Sézanne and Aube (Côte des Bars). My mother was chef of her small restaurant in the Aube, and at fifteen I attended a French lycée in Troyes. Each weekend, I took the local bus between our home and the school dorms through the vineyards of Montgueux. I've spent much of my life at our home in Aix-en-Othe, exposing me to nearby hidden-gem grower producers and sparking my interest in importing grower champagne. My connection to Champagne allowed me the opportunity to learn what champagne truly is-- where the terroir meets the hands of the growers-- and to develop a network of over 40+ independent grower producers overtime. 

I set off in my family's little red Fiat Cinquencento, the first car I learned to drive in, driving  through the meadowed hills of the Côte de Sézanne. There, I searched for my first partner grower, knocking on the doors of champagne producers near our home. I met Cédric Guyot this way in 2013, and was determined to learn how to import his wines. From 2014 to 2017, I attended law school at the University of Maine School of Law, teaching myself how to import wines. I graduated and acquired the licenses necessary to import to the US, as well as permits from the French to create my own brand of champagne, Victorieux. I launched Victorieux in September 2017 in Maine shortly after the Bar Exam, and the Portland Press Herald issued a press feature on my story in December of that year. In 2019, Victorieux's portfolio grew to five growers and our reach expanded to New York, Boston and Arizona.

Now I import champagne full-time, working closely with focused distributors and direct to trade in New York City. I am an attorney at my law practice, Brems Law, in Portland, Maine with the goal of helping others import wines and create startups. As well, I serve as adjunct professor of import/export law at the University of Maine School of Law. Our company supports charities in Maine, such as Full Plates Full Potential, and we import only sustainably produced, terroir-driven, independent grower champagne.