Why Champagne?

Because its in our blood. 

Message from Importer and Owner, Thomas M. Brems

Champagne is a part of who I am. 

My mother was the owner and chef of a restaurant in Aix-en-Othe, France. I attended a French public school in Troyes at fifteen and have spent much of my life in Champagne. My connection to Champagne provided me the opportunity to learn what champagne truly is-- where the terroir meets the hands of the growers-- and to develop a network of over 40+ grower producers in the region overtime. 

To start, I set off at 19 to find our first partner by knocking on the doors of growers near our home. I met Cedric Guyot this way in 2013, and was determined to learn how to import his wines. I later finished law school at University of Maine School of Law, and registered the licenses necessary to import, launching the business in 2017 in Maine. In August 2019, Victorieux's reach expanded to New York. 

Now I import champagne and work as an attorney (part-time to help others import wines and create startups-- the champagne is more fun frankly) , and teach import/export law at University of Maine School of Law.