An Award-Winning Grower Champagne

The vines are hand-picked at maturation. Grass is grown between the vines for environmental sustainability. The grapes are then pressed, and the juice is racked (filtration by precipitation). Primary alcoholic fermentation occurs due to yeasts eating the natural sugars in the grapes. The bottles are laid to rest for many years sur lies.

When the fermentation is complete,  the vintner  performs the extraction of fermentation lees, and if necessary runs the malolactic fermentation to transform the malic acid into lactic acid. This final process lends to added complexity and stability in certain wines. The wines are then racked a second time and cooled at -4°C before being filtered. Following this, the  vintner  prepares the wines for the secondary fermentation taking place in the bottle. The bottles are then placed on battens in the cellars to quietly age. 


Once the champagne reaches the most harmonious balance,  the bottles undergo riddling, often by hand bottle by bottle. During the riddling, any deposits or "lies" lead into the neck of the bottle. The bottles are then quickly frozen on their neck, the temporary caps removed, and the bottle's natural carbonation pressure removes the now-frozen deposits from the neck. This is called the disgorgement. Expedition liqueur is then added to produce a dry, medium dry, or nature champagne (for example, Brut or Demi-Sec Champagne vary essentially in dosage grams per liter in the expedition de liqueur process). The unique-shaped champagne corks are then placed into the bottle, and the contents resealed. Finally, after further aging resulting in the secondary fermentation and the reason for Champagne's many bubbles, the bottles are washed, labeled, and ready for refrigerated import from cellar to your door.

Passion, tradition, and terroir create better grower champagne. See our tasting awards for proof. 

We won Beverage Industry: Reader's choice Best New Product of December, 2018 with our Victorieux Brut Tradition!

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