Millésime 2009

A Prefatory Note on the Cuvée

Our flagship champagne, this Brut Millésime 2009 is produced from chardonnay and pinot noir varietals. Carefully guarded and aged sur lie (conditioning in bottle on sediments) since 2009 until disgorgement in Summer 2017, this vintage is the soul of the producer and importer alike. 

*Exclusive to the State of Maine

Tasting Notes

A classic dry vintage French champagne. Primarily characterized by its enduring flavors and tertiary notes resulting from the increased aging and passion of the vintner, powerful enough to pair excellently with seafood. Beautiful sunlit honey aura. White flower and citrus floral on the nose, hint of pear.

Medium bodied, yeastiness flavors beginning with a well balanced acidity giving a nice lift. Citrus flavors. Marzipan, toast, and almond tertiary notes to finish. Vibrant, formal, and fine bubble structure lends to refined mousse texture.



50% Chardonnay/50% Pinot Noir 


Dosage= 8.4g/l

Total acidity= 2g/l

Residual sugar= 3.9g/l 


Convenient for aperitif, au cours du repas, and dessert. Particularly well-paired with oysters and cold-water white fish. A rare cuvée for celebrating special moments. Best enjoyed at 50°F.

Producer: Cédric Guyot

Cédric Guyot is a grower producer, Vigneron Independent from the Côte de Sézanne sub-region of Champagne, France. He vints a 5.80 hectare, three-generational vineyard growing the same vines his grandfather planted in 1965.

Victorieux Champagne maintains a special connection with Cédric Guyot as our first grower producer in our portfolio. 

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