Victorieux Champagne Brut Rosé

Brut Rosé

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Tasting Notes

 Three years sur lies. Atypical, not-too-sweet, and fruity. Vibrant, delicate and formal bubbles. Balanced by chardonnay terroir acidity. Focused red fruit nose and a subtle peach syrup note. Fleshy , fruity and soft palate. 


60% Chardonnay/40% Pinot Noir 


Dosage= 10g/l,

Total acidity= 4g/l

Residual sugar= 2.5g/l


Fried chicken, french fries oysters and Maine lobster rolls. Best enjoyed at 48℉

Producer: Cédric Guyot

Cédric Guyot is a grower producer, Vigneron Independent from the Côte de Sézanne sub-region of Champagne, France. He vints a 5.80 hectare, three-generational vineyard growing the same vines his grandfather planted in 1965.

Victorieux Champagne maintains a special connection with Cédric Guyot as our first grower producer in our portfolio. 

Cédric Guyot's Site